Friday, 2 November 2012


Why do people blog? Some do it to make money, some to get attention and some for Fame. Yes i have been of the opinion that nowadays everybody and their dog owns a blog, "if so you this foolish human being why have you also decided to join the bandwagon?" You say?. Well just so we're clear i have decided to start this blog site out of peer pressure!! You see where that can lead you in Life? Especially if you're a dimwit like me with no hard resolve!!

    One thing you can be sure of is that i'm not doing this for Money because i've got more than enough! You can be rest assured you will never see any pictures of two Celebs side by side on this blog site wearing similar looking garbs and me asking "who wore it better?" LOL You will never see me waste Space to tell you Davido just bought a new car, or that funke akindele just had a new haircut!!


 I have decided to start this nonsense that will take away valuable time of your life out of boredom!! I am on facebook and twitter and those who know me know that i am very vocal about my opinions on all sorts of issues but one thing i discovered is that i rarely get enough space on this sites to express my unimportant views.  It's also important to know i am not your parent and so do not care about your feelings!! If at any point you don't like what you see on here, like Jay jay okocha standing in front of a defender you know what to do!!

Let's share our thoughts and opinions about random issues.... With that out of the way i say WELCOME TO MY BLOG SITE!!!!